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This children’s Musical was presented by the Joyful Family Prayer Community at Sacred Heart Church Hall. It is the story of a day in the life of 4th Graders at Praise Academy. The teens in our community volunteered to act in the role of the students. The Musical was presented 22 times over the next year. We traveled to Virginia, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. It was a glorious period in all our lives.

Psalm 147:1-How good to celebrate our God in song, how sweet to give fitting praise.

1. Today

Play Song

2. Good Morning Play Song
3.   P.R.A.I.S.E. Play Song
4. Fruit 'N Things Play Song
5. G.E.P.C. Play Song
6. Come Lord Jesus Play Song
7. Jesus Makes A Diff'rence / I'm Walkin' With My Jesus Play Song
8. God Of Abraham Play Song
9. I Am A Jesus Sheep Play Song
10. Jesus You Are So Wonderful Play Song
11. Praise March Play Song
12. I Can Do All Things Play Song
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