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Make Something Happen
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Thanks to the Holy Spirit and Father Ray Carlo!
“Make Something Happen” was inspired while listening to Fr. Carlo’s sermon during the 5PM Mass
at St. Catherine’s Parish in Orange Park on Saturday, July 8,1995.

Father was encouraging everyone to be involved, to be a somebody for the Lord,
not to be discouraged but to reach out and touch somebody, for nothing is impossible with God.
As I listened I took out a notebook and started writing this musical…Theme All the songs.

I was beside myself with joy. After Mass I told Father what had happened, he looked a little taken back but good naturedly said “Let me know when you put the show on”.  I said thatI would. In a few months the musical was presented at Sacred Heart Parish, Fr.Carlo sat in the front row.

To God be all Honor and glory.

1. Make Something Happen

Play Song

2. Be A Somebody Play Song  
3. Nothin's Impossible Play Song  
4. Come Holy Spirit Play Song  
5.  Put on the Armor of God Play Song  Words and Music by John Mannheimer
6.  I will Walk Play Song  
7. Two By Two Play Song  
8.  Don't Be Discouraged Play Song  
9.  Jesus My All In All Play Song  
10.  Reach Out And Touch Play Song  
11.  We Are His Hands Play Song  
12.  God's Love Play Song  
13.  Reprise Play Song  
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