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By Anne Coyle

Happy Birthday, Elinor

Our daughter Elinorís birthday was last September, since she lives in Sicily with her husband I wondered what I could send her as a gift. I wished I could be with her but that seemed impossible so the Lord inspired me to make a CD and send it to her. I put a recorder on the Piano bench and started. This is the music of my heart that I sent to her. It is not professional, just a Motherís love .

Psalm 139:13-You formed my inmost being ; you knit me in my motherís womb. I praise You , so wonderfully you made me.

1.  Here I Am


2.  I Rejoiced Play Song  
3.   Humble Yourself In The Sight Of The Lord    
4.   Come and See    
5.   Keep Me As The Apple Of Your Eye    
6.   60 Seconds in A Minute Play Song  
7.   Have You Touched Someone's Life Today    
8.   Behold Play Song  
9.   This is The Moment    
10.  Jesus You Are Holy    
11.  Man and Wife    
12.  When Love Is Play Song  
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