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My name is Anne. This is the beginning of an epic journey for me .When I turned 80 years old in 2009 I remember thinking “well, it’s about over”. Little did I know what the Lord was thinking. He had another plan ,in fact He told me “The best is yet to come”. I laughed but was certainly available.

I remembered Moses didn’t get started until he was 80.

On April 7, 2011 the Lord inspired me to begin this journey of writing 150 Psalms with music. My plan was to write one Psalm per day for 150 days - 5 months. By God's hand, my goal was realized and now I have these songs, and writings to share with all. Any proceeds or donations to benefit the Elinor R Martin Residence For Mother and Child in New Rochelle, New York. God bless you all. 

                                        Anne Coyle

Psalm 149:1 Sing to the lord a new song.

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