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Elinor Reilly Martin was born on April 11,1927, she was the middle child  in our family, my brother Garry being the eldest and me, the  youngest. Words cannot do her justice but I will try.

 Elinor was bright, smart, brave, courageous ,kind, a giver,  patient, long suffering, spiritual, happy, bold, faithful, a friend, a sister, a mother, a Nana,  a leader, a spokesperson for the unborn, a writer, a singer, valiant, beautiful, smiling ,devout, lover of family, lover of God.

Elinor  married Bob Martin and moved to Yonkers, New York in 1950 after graduating from  Georgetown Visitation Convent in Washington and the University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene School, later in life she would receive her BA  in Social Work. They had two sons, Jim and Garry. Around 1967 they adopted a little girl, Mary Francis after much  longing and prayer. Little Mary Frances  died when she was 2 1/2 years old due to accidental drowning. My sister pledged her life to  all  the unborn from then on. She prayed and asked Mary the mother of Jesus to show her the way.  The day after her prayer she received a phone call from a woman doctor who gave her an office and phone. That was the beginning .

Elinor started the Pregnancy Care Center with a Thrift Shop in Yonkers, New York as a means  to help mothers and unborn children. The work flourished under her guidance, many incredible stories can be told of lives changed and mended. Offices were opened in New Rochelle, many came forth to volunteer in the work, Elinor spoke before hundreds of groups speaking out for the unborn. She wrote many articles, started the First Annual Snowball Dance in December at the Waldorf Astoria to raise funds for this cause. The Ball and the Work have continued .

Elinor received the Mother Seton Award for outstanding Catholic Woman given by St. Johns University in 1985. Shortly after she developed cancer and within a year she died on May 24, 1986.

Cardinal O’Connor came to the Vigil and knelt  on the floor before her. This most profound gesture was an act of respect and thankfulness for her life and service.

In tribute to my sister and the Elinor  Martin Home for Mother and Child, I am offering a set of 9 note cards with 3 different songs that I have written. The set is $10.00 , all proceeds go to the home.

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