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April 1st and 2nd

Anne R. Coyle is pleased to announce the premiere of “JUDITH” - the third of her Biblical musical dramas after "David and the Psalms" and "Daniel".  The production will be presented April 1st and 2nd at Jordan Hall, Assumption Catholic Church.

 If you are interested in joining our Cast, we look forward to meeting you and your choral members.  Please feel free to call Susan Halil at (904) 635-7628 with any questions you may have.   

The story, presented in speech and song, tells of the courageous and successful efforts of the woman Judith.  Her strong belief in God and her conviction to her countrymen, enables her to save the nation known as Israel from becoming a part of Nebuchadnezzar's empire. 

Judith’s story is a variant on the David and Goliath story, where a seemingly weak person triumphs over a person of superior strength.  She is a symbol of the Jewish people, who relied on God’s help and their own abilities to overcome their enemies. 

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