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  David and Bathsheba
by Anne Coyle

 After David’s assent as King of Israel, his capture of Jerusalem and his establishment of worship before the Ark of the Covenant he fought many battles against his enemies. The Philistines , Moabites became his servants. He smote the King of Zobah and recovered his border at the river Euphrates, he also defeated the Syrians and put garrisons in Damascus. David took shields of gold and brought them to Jerusalem also much bronze. King Toi sent his son, Joram to David with vessels of silver, gold and bronze. All these King David dedicated unto the Lord. He put garrisons in Edom and reigned over Israel, he executed justice and righteousness to all his people.

Then David asked if any descendents of Saul were still living. There was a son of Jonathon named Mephibosbeth who was lame, David called for him, and gave him his blessing and granted him all his grandfather and father’s land and servants. Then David told Mephibosbeth to sit with him at the Kings table, he said “Let this man sit at my table as one of my sons”. Again we see the character of David which pleased the Lord God.  

2 Samuel 11:1
And it came to pass after the year was ended at that time when Kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab ( his Captain) and his servants with him and all of Israel to battle and they destroyed the children of Ammon and besieged Rabbath. But David tarried at Jerusalem, so all the men went to war but for some reason David stayed behind.

I find it interesting, that even back then, the men of war waited for spring time to campaign, who after all wants to start a battle in winter? D-Day in WW11 was on June 6th.

One evening as David walked along the roof of his palace he spied a beautiful woman taking her bath.
He inquired who she was; her name is Bathsheba, his servants said and her husband is Uriah, the Hittite who is with Joab in battle. David, the King, called for her and slept with her. Sometime later she sent a message to him that she was pregnant with his child.

Now the plot thickens quickly, David send a message to Joab to send Uriah home to tell him how the battle was going. So Uriah comes to tell David, David tells him to stay and spend the night at his home before he goes back to fight. But Uriah doesn’t go home to his wife but sleeps on the floor outside the king’s room.

The next morning David finds out Uriah did not go home, he invites him again to dinner at his table. That evening he plies Uriah with drink but even that didn’t cause Uriah to go to Bathsheba. He spent the night outside the king’s room.

When David heard that he inquired of Uriah, why didn’t you go home to your wife ?
Uriah replied “The Ark, and Israel, and Judah abide in tents; and my Lord Joab and the servants of my Lord, are encamped in open fields. Shall I then go unto mine house, to eat and drink and be with my wife? As thou livest, as they soul livest, I will not do this thing”
Now the story gets worse and worse.
David wrote a message to Joab and even sent it by the hand of Uriah. The message said “Set you, Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire from him, that he may be smitten and die”.
That day Joab assigned Uriah to a place where he knew valiant men were, they fought and Uriah was killed.

When Bathsheba heard Uriah was dead, she mourned. When the mourning time passed David sent for her and she became his wife and bore him a son. But the thing David did, displeased the Lord God.

Then the Lord sent Nathan, the Prophet to David.
Nathan told David this story:

There were two men in the city, one very rich, the other poor.
The rich man had many, many flocks and herds.
The poor man had nothing save one little ewe lamb.
When a traveler came to the city to visit the rich man, the rich man did not want to kill one of his flock for the celebration so he took the one and only ewe of the poor man from him to prepare for the traveler.

David was livid when he heard this story and said, “As the Lord liveth the man who has done this shall die!” Nathan looked at him and said “You are the man” and he prophesied that a sword shall never depart from your house.

In 2 Samuel 12:13 – David repents.
Remember Psalm 51-Have mercy on me, O God, in Your goodness, in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense. Thoroughly wash me from my guilt and of my sin cleanse me.
The child was stricken with an illness. David besought the Lord for the child; he fasted and went and laid on the floor for seven days. Then he heard the servants whispering and knew the boy had died. He arose , washed and ate. He came into the House of the Lord and worshipped.
Later Bathsheba conceived and bore a son, he is called Solomon and the Lord loved him. The Prophet Nathan called him Jeddah, beloved of the Lord, that’s what the name means.
In Matthew 3:17 it says “jesus came out of the water, a voice form heaven said, this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” So Solomon was another forerunner of the lord Jesus Messiah.


Remember if you know anyone who feels they are unworthy of the Lord’s forgiveness, please tell them about David, his great sin , his repentance and the Lord’s great compassion and forgiveness. Probably not many people have sinned as greatly as David and yet he is still called the “man after God’s own heart”. There’s hope and redemption for us all. Alleluia.

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