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  David and The Consequences of His Sin
by Anne Coyle


Even though David was forgiven by the lord for his sin against Uriah and Bathsheba, there were consequences that affected him the rest of his life. Nathan the Prophet spoke these words in 2 Samuel 12:11: Thus saith the lord: Behold I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thy eyes and give them into thy neighbor, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of the sun. For thou didst it secretly; but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sunĒ

Even today, if someone murders another, the perpetrator has to pay for the crimes by imprisonment or death. The consequences of harboring hatred in our hearts reveal itself in evil speaking and bitterness, often thru manifestations in bodily and emotional sufferings. It is a lesson for all of us.                  

David and Joab

Back to David.
Joab, Davidís Captain, had been fighting and besieging the city of Rabbath, where Uriah was killed, he had by this time almost conquered it,. He sent a message to David to bring the rest of the people and encamp around the city so that David would get the credit for conquering the town. David took the city and put on his head the former kingís crown of gold which weighed a talent of gold with precious stones. Then David and all the people returned to Jerusalem.

A very sad story concerning Davidís children is seen in 2 Samuel 13-20. It seems Absalom ,Davidís son, had a beautiful sister, Tamar, Davidís daughter, who was desired by brother Amnon, another son of Davidís.

Amnon wanted Tamar for his own but how could he go about that? He had a friend ( remember Psalm 1 which talks about walking , talking and sitting with ungodly people) well his friend told Amnon what to do to get Tamar. Amnon should feign sickness and ask his father King David if Tamar could come and nurse him. His father agreed so Tamar went to wait upon her brother. He enticed her into his chambers by sending all the servants away ; there he forced himself on her, she begged him to stop and not do this evil but to go to their father and ask for her hand. She told him he would be one of the fools of Israel by doing such a act. She pleaded but Amnon heeded her not.

After his evil deed he turned on her and hated her.!

Amnon and Tamar

She cried out ďDonít send me away , that evil is greater than what you have just doneĒ. But Amnon called his servants and had them take her away.

Now Tamar had a garment of several colors on her showing she was a Kingís daughter and a virgin. She tore her garment and wept. Her brother Absalom harbored hatred in his heart for Amnon for the thing he had done.
King David heard of it and was very angry but surprisingly he did nothing about it.

Tamar stayed with her brother Absalom. Two years passed and Absalom was still harboring hatred in his heart toward Amnon. Then he took action, he went to his father and asked permission to go to Baalhazor for the time of sheep shearers and invited David and all his sons to come. David said he couldnít go but gave permission for all the others to attend. It must have been a big celebration at that time. Of course Amnon went also.

Absalom had instructed his servants to kill Amnon after drinking and feasting, so the deed was done . When all the other sons heard they fled as fast as they could back to Jerusalem. Absalom also fled in the opposite direction because he feared what David would do. When the King heard he wept and tore his clothes. Again he did nothing.

David Mourns Absalom

Absalom fled to Talonai and David mourned for his son every day. Absalom stayed there for three years.
David longed to go to his son for he was comforted concerning his son Amnon ( perhaps he got over his grieving?)

Now Joab, the Kingís Captain, knew David wanted to see Absalom , he begged David to bring his son back to Jerusalem so David conceded. When Absalom arrived back, David sent him to his own house and refused to see him. Why? My own observation would be that David couldnít deal with his own family members , he could conquer nations but felt inadequate about personal matters. He hadnít done anything about Amnonís evil actions against Tamar nor the murder of Amnon ( in revenge). What do you think?

Now Absalom was a handsome man, none any fairer than he, his beauty was known, there was no blemish in him. He cut his hair once a year because it was heavy. He stayed in Jerusalem for two years without seeing his father. Can you imagine?

He longed to see the King so he called on Joab to ask the King to let him come, Absalom said even if the King desired to kill him ,it would be better than what he was experiencing.

So David agreed and Absalom went to him, fell on his face before him and received Davidís blessing. He was like the Prodigal son coming home.

Later Absalom started standing at the city gates and advising people who came to see the King, perhaps they couldnít get in to see him. He was able to win the hearts of the people because he was there and available. Finally the people came and bowed before him and kissed his hand. After some more years passed he approached the king and asked permission to go to Hebron and offer sacrifices. The King agreed. Absalom sent for Ahithophel, Davidís counselor, who went with him, many people followed Absalom to Hebron.

David heard that all the men of Israel were after Absalom and had deserted him. He said Arise let us flee so the King and his servants and household left Jerusalem but he left his concubines in the palace. Originally he took the Ark of the Covenant with him but later sent It back with Zadok the priest.

David wept as he went by the Mt. of Olives, his head covered, barefoot, he went weeping. He learned his counselor, Athithophel had deserted him and was among the conspirators. One of his great friends Hushai came to David to be with him. David sent him back to Jerusalem to be his spy, to pass messages from Zadok, the priest to him.

When Absalom entered Jerusalem he took all of Davidís concubines and set up a tent on the roof of the palace where all the people could see what he was doing. It was foretold that Davidís children would despise him.
Sorrow upon sorrow. Later in one of the battles Absalom was killed. It seems his hair was caught in a thicket of branches and his donkey rode on without him. Joab came upon him and killed him.

Psalm 18 is a Psalm that David wrote in victory.
David mourned his sonís death so much so that Joab told him to get to the city gates and let the people see him and to thank them for their support. David did and reigned again over Israel.

Through it all God loved David and continued to forgive and bless his servant, a man after his own heart.
Lesson for us. God cares for us even in the midst of our downfalls, always waiting to pick up up and bring us back to His arms, after all He is the Good Shepherd. Take heart and remember David and thank God He sent us a man ,who no matter what ,You loved with all Your heart.

Absalom's Hair is Tangled

We need to deal with sin promptly, repent so as to protect our family relationships and stay close to God through living a life of the godly man of Psalm 1.


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